Please scroll down for our contact details. strives to provide people around the globe with accurate, fast, and easy-to-understand information on earthquakes happening anywhere around the world.


We rely on data from trusted sources including the United States Geographical Survey (USGS) and the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC). These organizations on their end aggregate earthquake data from institutions around the globe. USGS offers a lot of scientific insights and background information, while EMSC is usually slightly faster in detecting earthquakes. aggregates and combines the information from the USGS and EMSC, which results in a complete and accurate overview of earthquakes around the world.


When people experience an earthquake, they want to be informed as soon as possible. Reducing the minutes between feeling an earthquake and understanding what’s going on therefore is one of our main goals. We synchronize with our trusted data sources every minute and aim to minimize the processing time on our end to the bare minimum. This results in a website that is constantly updated. Most earthquakes appear on our website within minutes of occurring. In addition, our reports automatically reload whenever a new earthquake is detected since the visitor initially loaded the page.

Easy to understand

Our website aims to make information on earthquakes easy to understand for all visitors. We constantly aim to improve the way we explain earthquake metrics and use maps and our own graphics to explain what’s going on. In addition, we aim to make our website perform well regardless of the user device - on both desktop and mobile.

Developed by is developed and maintained by Dirkjan Tijs, a former Geography teacher turned web developer who originates from the relatively earthquake-free Netherlands but has traveled to and lived in earthquake-prone regions including Indonesia for many years.


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